Programs and Services

Senior Citizens Center

The Senior Citizens Center provides a place to fellowship, socialize, and enjoy a good hot meal while they spend time with friends. The Senior Citizens Center offers community members the opportunity to hear great speakers, meet new friends, play active mind games, and seniorcise (exercise for seniors).


Community Awareness

The Family Enrichment Center hosts workshops to increase community awareness and wellbeing. Previous workshops have covered crime prevention, hosted by Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones and Lieutenant Peters, and family empowerment, which covered different strategies to save, invest, and spend money wisely.


Youth Camp

The Youth Camp program offers a great way for young community members to spend their summer months having fun while learning. The camp includes field trips and group activities to teach the value of teamwork. Each camp session provides opportunities for participants to exercise creative thinking and collaboration skills.


Easy Friday Adult and Youth Talents

The Easy Friday talent show is a way for community members of all ages to enjoy a great social event and have loads of fun as well. Everyone has the opportunity to express their talents through singing, miming, poetry, speeches, and clean comedy.